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Get Involved with the Fishers Island Conservancy

Get Involved with the Fishers Island Conservancy

How can you help?

There are a myriad of choices. The Conservancy is always in need of people to:

  • Help clean up the beaches especially along the south side
  • Participate in the bird count every spring
  • Help with the Sunset on the Beach party in July
  • Take advantage of the demonstration garden at the movie theater by planting thoughtfully on your own properties
  • Be aware of our surrounding environs and bring worrisome issues to the Conservancy
  • Offer to get involved with water testing
  • Learn about our habitat initiatives and take people on guided hikes through the parade grounds
  • Support us financially

Please contact: Kristen Peterson or Marje Helfet

Accomplishments of the Conservancy

  • Updated and expanded water testing to include over 50 sites, including both salt water and fresh water locations.
  • Incorporated grasslands restoration into the Conservancy's existing programs, including funding for restoration work on over 60 acres on Fishers Island. Expansion of the grasslands project may potentially include up to a total of over 100 acres of restored grasslands.
  • Worked with land owners to restore grasslands habitat on private property.
  • Continued to provide funding and support for both public and private Island organizations for the identification and removal of invasive plant species.
  • Created the 25th Anniversary Grant Program to support and sustain initiatives for the study of our island environment through outreach, education and personal studies.
  • Joined with other Island organizations to create and fund a study of the vulnerability of our precious south coast to rising sea levels and potentially more severe weather systems.
  • Conducted water study to determine the amount of potable water and water quality on the Island, and to identify aquifer boundaries.
  • Funded "Fishers Island Water Supply & Watershed Study" in conjunction with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. The Conservancy's Ed Horning led the ecological component of this major study.
  • Raised community awareness of pesticide use on golf courses, lawns and near water sources.
  • Promoted No Discharge Zone for boats in Fishers Island waters.
  • Developed and implemented a pilot program to control the invasive reed Phragmites on a wetland site.
  • Established non-toxic mosquito control program.