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Thank You to Fishers Island Community

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who attended Sunset on the Beach this year.

Pat and Stephan from the Big Club provided wonderful hors d'oeuvres and mother nature gave us the delicious raw bar. Speaking of mother nature. Once again she provided a warm and welcoming night. Weren't we lucky! We had a record number of guests of all age groups. We strive to be very inclusive in this event as this island belongs to us all. AWARENESS and STEWARDSHIP are two of our mottos. Being aware of predators whether they be plant, animal or insect. Being aware of bacteria in our waters whether it comes from the New London dumping site or someone's septic system gone awry. Being aware of trash and garbage that floats up on our beaches. Being aware of unusual and endangered birds migrating across our shores and striving to provide the habitat that can sustain them. Being aware of environmental changes on our island and questioning them. Being aware of our wonderful small ecosystem that we all care for so much and being aware that it is an important part of the larger surrounding environment and health of Long Island Sound.


Hats off to each of you for supporting our efforts and if you couldn't attend this year please come next year! Our location is yet to be determined due to work being done at the big club...but we shall keep you posted.