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Defining Island Steward within an Afterschool Program

It's probably true for most of us that live all year round on Fishers Island-there are many sweet spots within its unique environment that we call "home" - and feel it too.

There is a sanctuary of sands parallel to Elizabeth Field runway; three small coves stretching west towards Race Point. Snowy Owl perches here often during winter time, two local Harriers hunt and swoop low over dune grasses every morning and evening and various diverse species of shorebirds migrate through each year wading in tide pools and feeding in berms of eelgrass and kelp.

Since these years had me monitoring and serving as a "caretaker" along these sands, I thought what a perfect outdoor classroom to define and teach Stewardship "naturally" to our students and even all generations! And so an afterschool club was suggested.

Starting a Stewardship Program for Fishers Island within our school reflects on the important indigenous element of "tribe": 5th-12th graders embracing their "lands" and doing "our Nation's work." The essential key to Natural History demands that our island and its inhabitants continue to tell our stories in an ever changing environment. Along with sharing the integral qualities of tribe such as leadership, respect, and gleaning Local Traditional Knowledge; we will focus too on reporting from the field. I look forward to bridging with Carol Giles' Oceanology upper class during school hours as well as Jen Burn's 3rd and 4th graders. Carol reminded me of the need for students to learn how to be still, observe, and be comfortably present and authentic -away from the "busyness" that is their world. This,throughout much of my work both on and off Island has been noted as a crucial observation - from teachers especially.

Of The Seals & Sea

Fishers Island Naturalist Justine "BJ" Kibbe packed up her Marantz recorder and revisited her other home in the Pribilofs. Here, she shares her storytelling moments with Northern Fur Seals out in the middle of the Bering Sea!

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

This year I look forward to working with Fishers Island School students; gift them with the unique adventures, natural "news", and joys that are theirs to report-perhaps even becoming future conservation correspondents of their own Islands.