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Native trees and shrubs on display

The Fishers Island Conservancy's Native Plant Demonstration Garden, located between the movie theater and the New York State Trooper's station near the Parade Grounds, highlights several of Fishers Island's native trees and shrubs and illustrates their use in a 'garden' setting. The natives selected- many seen growing wild on the island- are perfectly adaptable to a more formal garden setting, and are not only every bit as 'ornamental' as most of the exotic (and in many cases, invasive) trees and shrubs that are so often used in our island gardens today, but have the added bonus of supporting the island population of Lepidoptera- moths and butterflies. These Lepidoptera are critical to maintaining a healthy, diverse bird and wildlife population.

Island visitors and residents alike are encouraged to explore the site and view natives from a different perspective. While it currently showcases only a handful of the beautiful trees and shrubs that can be considered native to the region, there is plenty to inspire all gardening enthusiasts to incorporate more of these plants in our island landscape. The +/- .5 acre Demonstration Garden is managed by the Fishers Island Conservancy and maintained through the generous effort of countless volunteers.

Article written by Gerrit Goss.

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