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Conservation / Marine Debris Clean Up

As you walk on our beaches not only are you smitten by their raw beauty but also sometimes by the debris that washed up from many unknown sources.

Each year, the Conservancy employs several Islanders who are tasked with removing the trash and other materials which either wash up on our shores or are left behind. This material ranges from cans and bottles to mylar balloons, coolers, fishing lines, lobster traps and tires, among many other items. This effort is made possible through a generous gift to the Conservancy from Peter and Susie Brinckerhoff.

In addition, the Conservancy cosponsors, with Waste Management, the annual American Littoral Society's New York State Beach Cleanup Day. Usually the clean up is held in September which yields the most trash as the sound becomes quieter for the remainder of the year. We will post the date as soon as it is announced. Thank you for all those who participate and we have FI water bottles!

Written by Ace Ahrens