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Fishers Island Conservancy Advocacy Programs

Advocacy & Stewardship

Educating the next generation to ensure the future of Fishers Island

The Conservancy participates as a partner in ongoing and new efforts to maintain and improve the natural physical environment in the larger Sound community, as well as on the Island itself.

The avenues used to achieve these goals include oversight of activities, promotion of beneficial legislation, litigation or simply communication with concerned individuals in whatever medium is most effective.

Justine shares her efforts in establishing, preserving, and sharing local traditional knowledge with the following Fishers Island Conservancy partners:

  • Greater Atlantic Region Stranding Network & Mystic Aquarium
    Island residents can play a unique role in Community outreach by becoming involved with the Greater Atlantic Region Stranding Network. Becoming certified through the Mystic Aquarium and helping with the rescue and documentation of stranded marine mammals and sea turtles becomes a most important "neighborly gesture".


  • The Nature Conservancy: Long Island Sound Program
    The Fishers Island Conservancy is working with The Nature Conservancy to conserve critical marine habitats, like eelgrass meadows (Zostera marina) in Long Island Sound, for the animals and people that depend upon them.
  • Henry Ferguson Museum Land Trust
  • NESS: New England Science & Sailing Foundation
    The Island Sentinel program teams up with NESS during Summer months helping to promote each other's educational outreach within Fishers Island Sound; supporting its unique marine environment and ecosystems.
  • The Day Newspaper
    In 2015 Justine's column My Neck of the Woods she shared a Naturalist's life on Fishers Island with readers of The Day each Sunday. Justine's writings play a strong part in bridging with our neighbors across the Sound.