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Help Protect Plum Island with one phone call

New York's Plum Island is a gem. It has an undeveloped area as large as Central Park and boasts some of the most critical wildlife habitat on the East Coast. The island is currently owned by the federal government but it is in danger.

Agencies are looking to auction Plum off to the highest bidder, leaving it vulnerable to development. But you can help by making one phone call – scroll down to find out more.

I have added my grain of sand to preserve Plum Island as a public area, and not to put it up for sale. I went straight to the "Homeland Security recording for public comment". It takes many grains of sand to make a beach.

The irony of these proceedings is that Plum Island has much of the same Native Habitat that the Conservancy is fighting to preserve on Fishers. Our government's present plan will result in the destruction of Native Habitat.

– Joe Henderson, Fishers Island Conservancy

Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound is part of a big coalition of allies working to protect Plum Island. Right now, the Department of Homeland Security (or DHS, the current owner of Plum Island) is drafting a study to examine possible options for the island's future – the coalition just submitted a letter to Homeland Security asking them to seriously explore conservation. We expect the final report to analyze:

  • A variety of conservation alternatives to development;
  • management of historic structures like the beautiful lighthouse;
  • opportunities for public access for hiking and other recreation; and
  • concrete recommendations that provide a concrete path to Plum Island's protection

Can you join citizens just like you from New York and Connecticut in calling Homeland Security today? Call (202) 282 8495 (you'll likely be leaving a message) and tell them you want a strong report and permanent protection for Plum Island. Please add that you are calling from Fishers Island.

Thanks for helping save Plum Island!
(203) 787-0646 ext.128