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Stony Beach, Fishers Island

Our mission

The Fishers Island Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that partners with Fishers Island businesses, non-profit organizations and the government to preserve, enrich, and enhance the natural resources of Fishers Island and its surrounding waters

For over 25 years the Fishers Island Conservancy has witnessed extraordinary changes in environmental awareness and appreciation for nature's diversity on our special island.

On this website we want to address past and present environmental concerns, as well as to invite all visitors and islanders to support our membership and our on-going programs.

Our mission has continued to evolve since we were founded in 1985. Our goal is to work in partnership with residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and the government to preserve, enrich and enhance the natural resources of Fishers Island and its surrounding waters. We help identify, advocate, educate and provide solutions to environmental problems that threaten these ecosystems while recognizing the recreational and practical needs of our inhabitants.

The continued success of these programs and our ability to meet future conservation concerns is made possible because of your interest and financial support. For this we are grateful and we thank you. We welcome your comments.

For the Conservancy,
Tom Sargent, President

Conservancy Officers

Tom Sargent, President
Jane Harvey, VP
Ben Stong, Treasurer
Laurie Marshall, Secretary

Executive Committee

Tom Sargent
Jane Harvey
Laurie Marshall
Ben Strong
Christabel Vartanian
Ace Ahrens (at large)
Marje Helfet (at large)
Joe Henderson

Board Members

Ace Ahrens
Don Beck
Geb Cook
Dianne Crary
Chippy DuPont
Ann Flinn
Jane Harvey
Marje Helfet
Joe Henderson
Laurie Marshall
Ted McGraw
Betty Ann Rubinow
Tom Sargent
Tom Siebens
Nick Spofford
Ben Strong
Chris Vartanian

Advisory Committee

Barry Bryan
Ellie Kelly
Barbie Riegel
Jackie Williamson

Accomplishments of the Conservancy

  • Updated and expanded water testing to include over 50 sites, including both salt water and fresh water locations.
  • Incorporated grasslands restoration into the Conservancy's existing programs, including funding for restoration work on over 60 acres on Fishers Island. Expansion of the grasslands project may potentially include up to a total of over 100 acres of restored grasslands.
  • Worked with land owners to restore grasslands habitat on private property.
  • Continued to provide funding and support for both public and private Island organizations for the identification and removal of invasive plant species.
  • Created the 25th Anniversary Grant Program to support and sustain initiatives for the study of our island environment through outreach, education and personal studies.
  • Joined with other Island organizations to create and fund a study of the vulnerability of our precious south coast to rising sea levels and potentially more severe weather systems.
  • Conducted water study to determine the amount of potable water and water quality on the Island, and to identify aquifer boundaries.
  • Funded "Fishers Island Water Supply & Watershed Study" in conjunction with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. The Conservancy's Ed Horning led the ecological component of this major study.
  • Raised community awareness of pesticide use on golf courses, lawns and near water sources.
  • Promoted No Discharge Zone for boats in Fishers Island waters.
  • Developed and implemented a pilot program to control the invasive reed Phragmites on a wetland site.
  • Established non-toxic mosquito control program.