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Conservancy, Cuomo Oppose New London Dumpsite

In 2014, after a nine-year pause, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers resumed their proceedings under the Ocean Dumping Act (ODA) to designate one or more sites for open-water dumping of dredge spoils (mostly from Connecticut harbors and rivers) in Eastern Long Island Sound. A Conservancy team of Directors Bob Evans, Ace Ahrens and Jeb Cook was appointed to track the proceedings and attend the hearings.

These proceedings had been initiated in 1996 in response to the Conservancy's lawsuit challenging the dumping at the New London Dumpsite (just 1.4 miles from Fishers Island) of 2.4 million cubic yards of admittedly toxic spoils from the Seawolf submarine dredging project, principally on the grounds that the EPA and Army Corps had simply ignored the ODA for 15 years after it was extended to cover Long Island Sound. In 2005 the EPA conditionally designated sites in Central and Western Long Island Sound and suspended the proceedings for Eastern Long Island Sound, and the Governors of New York and Connecticut issued a mandate to the Army Corps to produce a Sound-wide dredging management plan that would assess needs and explore alternatives with the goal of reducing and eliminating open-water dumping.

Conservancy, Cuomo Oppose New London Dumpsite Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces potential legal action against the EPA at Thursday's press conference at Sunken Meadow State Park. (Credit: Governor's office)

JUSTINE KIBBE, Fishers Island Naturalist

Justine monitors 12 key sites on Fishers Island, where she records observations and trends of the environment and its unique ecosystems. With the support and efforts of our Island community she bridges local traditional knowledge with Science; helping to preserve natural history while nurturing stewardship for all generations.

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Meet Justine Kibbe, Fishers Island Naturalist
American Oyster Catcher finds healthy coastal habitat along beautiful Fishers Island.
American Oyster Catcher finds healthy coastal habitat along beautiful Fishers Island.

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