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Sanctuary of Sands

There is a stretch of sand parallel to the Elizabeth Field runway that remains a pristine sanctuary for the threatened Piping Plover. The waterline, beach, coves, tidal pools and dunes together form an exceptional example of Fishers Island as it has been for hundreds of years.

Named "Sanctuary of Sand" by Fishers Island Conservancy Naturalist Justine Kibbe, the area is marked at either end with bright informational signs about Plovers. These signs, from The Nature Conservancy/Long Island Sound, are paired with four smaller Town of Southold red and white signs near the dunes, notifying visitors of the presence of federally protected birds, nests and eggs.

"The signs tell a little bit about the threatened Piping Plover, which lays its eggs within the dune grasses," Ms. Kibbe said. "There are fewer than 2000 pairs of these birds left on the Atlantic Coast. That’s why we ask people to tread carefully, leash dogs and not disturb the plovers’ habitat.

"Recognizing and respecting this sanctuary is a way for all of us to learn to be stewards of Fishers Island. By truly understanding the natural gifts that we have here, we will want to do everything possible to preserve it for future generations."

JUSTINE KIBBE, Fishers Island Naturalist

Justine monitors 12 key sites on Fishers Island, where she records observations and trends of the environment and its unique ecosystems. With the support and efforts of our Island community she bridges local traditional knowledge with Science; helping to preserve natural history while nurturing stewardship for all generations.

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Meet Justine Kibbe, Fishers Island Naturalist
Happy & Healthy Seagrass
"Happy and healthy seagrass meadow" displays oxygen bubbling in 4 ft. waters; northeast Fishers Island. Snorkeling & Video: Soren Dahl, NYS Seagrass Coordinator, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Specialist

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